You can qualify for the Lifeline program from TAG Mobile based on two eligibility criteria:

  1. Eligibility through Participation in Federal Assistance Program
  2. Income-based eligibility

However, appropriate documentation as the proof of eligibility is mandatory in both the cases.

What you should know

As per the program guidelines, the individual or the household has to choose between a home phone and a cell phone, as the discount is not available for both. Moreover, the discounts from multiple phone companies are not allowed.

There are various penalties for violating the program’s rules, and the authority can also seek repayment of the discounts that should not have been received.

1) Program-Based Qualification

Individuals can qualify for California LifeLine if they or any another person in their household is enrolled in at least one of these Government assistance programs:

2) Income-Based Qualification

Individuals who are not currently participating in any of the Government assistance programs can qualify for the California LifeLine if their household's total annual gross income is at or less than the annual income limits as mentioned below:

Household Size Annual Income Limit
1-2 $27,000
3 $31,300
4 $38,100
Each Additional Member $6,800
* Effective June 1, 2018, to May 31, 2019

To qualify via Income-based method individuals are required to produce the necessary documentation, which confirms their household’s total annual gross income meeting the annual income limits. A household’s total annual gross income is the earnings before paying the taxes. It is the joint income of all the members of the household including the adults and children, derived from all the sources.